Gedeon Richter's Global Compliance Program, established in 2016, was first introduced in Hungary and the countries of the European Economic Area, and from 2018 extended to our Latin American subsidiaries and affiliates in the CIS member states.
Gedeon Richter's Compliance Manual comprises the following: 
The Code of Ethics is a guide to ethical conduct and provides general guidelines regarding responsible, ethical and legal business conduct for the employees and partners of both Gedeon Richter Plc. and its affiliates.


Richter requires compliance with the highest ethical standards and Richter is committed to complying with all local and international anti-bribery and anti-corruption laws and regulations that may be applicable to its business worldwide. Compliance with this Anti-Corruption Manual is mandatory for everyone at Richter – including all employees, managers, executive officers, and members of the board of directors.


Interactions with healthcare professionals involve the risk of infringing the anti-corruption laws. In this manual the particular areas of risks include: 

  • gifts;
  • events, educational support and hospitality; 
  • sponsorships; 
  • donations and samples; 
  • fee for service engagements. 

This manual must be interpreted in accordance with the Anti-corruption manual and for all interactions with healthcare professionals, Richter’s separate regulations on these areas should be complied with, in addition to complying with this manual.

Richter is committed to comply with all local and European Union laws, regulations and ethical codes that may be applicable to its business. This manual summarises the rules applicable to the pharmaceutical industry, which regulate the requirements for the preparation, content and review of promotional material, interactions with patients, patient support programmes, interactions with patient organisations, events, financial support, donations, contracts with patient organisations, and rules on various forms of research.
Promoting transparent relations or interactions between Richter and Patient Organizations, Healthcare Professionals and Healthcare Organisations to relevant stakeholders assists informed decision-making and helps to prevent unethical and illegal behaviour. Under various applicable rules, regulations and other requirements, pharmaceutical companies must disclose engagements, payments and other Transfers of Value to Patient Organizations, Healthcare Professionals and Healthcare Organisations, either publicly or directly to specific stakeholders. Richter – as a member company of Medicines for Europe – should disclose engagements and Transfers of Value that could potentially pose a conflict of interest or encourage the Recipients of the Transfers of Value to disclose them, where such disclosure would be in the best interest of patients or the public. Disclosure shall be made public by both the Company and the Affiliates on their own websites.
The purpose of this manual is to give a practical guidance on how to do business while maintaining full compliance with competition law of the European Union and of the Member States.
The purpose of this Manual is to establish common rules and principles on sharing any kind of information with third parties about Richter. This Manual is dealing with external public communications and public relations (“PR”) activities concerning Richter’s operation including but not limited to information which the Company has to disclose due to stock exchange presence.
This manual establishes common rules and principles for the operation and management of Richter’s web presence.
Richter is dedicated that its employees make their business decisions free from the influence of any unethical personal interests, base them solely on professional aspects, and act in the best interest of Richter. Therefore, Richter establishes this policy to prevent conflicts of interest from arising and to manage existing conflicts of interest.
The regulation defines the scope of trade secrets in relation to Richter, as well as to present and protect any other data, facts, information regarding the trade secrets of Richter.

In accordance with Richter’s Global Compliance Program and in light of the Directive (EU) 2019/1937 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 23 October 2019 on the protection of persons who report breaches of union law, Richter Virtual Compliance Officer (“Richter VCO”) has been established for managing and following up reports related to the Compliance Handbook and applicable national and supranational laws and industrial ethical regulations received through any of the channels detailed below. To ensure the efficient operation of the system, each colleague must and all business partners’ representatives and their employees, potential and former employees of Richter, and shareholders and supervisors of Richter are entitled to report all cases where they notice conduct violating the provisions of the Compliance Handbook and the applicable national and supranational laws and industrial ethical regulations.

Dedicated communication channels for reporting such cases have been set up by Richter, the contact details of which are as follows: 

Transparency on payments disclosure
​Promoting transparent relations or interactions between Gedeon Richter Plc. and Patient Organizations, HCPs and HCOs to relevant stakeholders assists informed decision-making and helps to prevent unethical and illegal behaviour.