Richter Award for Society

In 2022, for the first time, the management of the Company presented the Richter Awards for Society, with which the company recognizes the social work of its own employees. Colleagues can be nominated who are also successful in areas outside their workplace, performing exemplary activities  to benefit their close or wider community.

Many of our employees dedicate themselves to social issues with enthusiasm and humility, sparing no time or energy, in addition to their daily work and family. With the Richter Award for Society, we express our thanks and appreciation for these efforts, and at the same time, we encourage and inspire our employees as their activities are in great demand.

Richter Innovation Knowledge Base (RITA) Award

Innovation has a tradition at Richter and has been a defining part of the Company's strategy since its foundation in 1901. In order for the Company to be successful in business, the efficient work of all units and employees of the company, the effective cooperation of the various departments, common knowledge and an innovative attitude are necessary.

With the help of the RITA Award, we can promote, uncover and share this attitude and knowledge, thereby also creating value. RITA covers the entire chain of innovative activities taking place at Richter, encompassing the innovative know-how building activities of the Company as a whole. RITA recognizes both individual and team performance, and plays an important role in knowledge documenting and sharing in the long term.